Water Wise Hints and Tips

Water Wise Hints and Tips

The weather this Summer is one to remember, just not for the right reasons.

We’ve always been confident in our water supply with two ponds usually filled to the brim.  Not this year; we’re worried.  Our pond that runs the length of the cold frame greenhouse  has almost run dry.  We have just the main pond left and with the disappointing no-show of rain last Friday, it looks like no precipitation is in sight – again.

The agricultural business is suffering; just have a chat with any of the farm families at the local Markets to confirm this.  It’s getting desperate.  And if you are on a well, you too are feeling the panic of no rain in sight.  We’ve heard from many of you that you’ve not only let your grass go, but your flowers too.  When it’s the choice between flushing toilets and watering flowers, necessity wins out.

If you are in this situation, or if you wish to conserve water for your municipality/city (and for your water bill), a few suggestions to weather your plants through this drought and intense heat include:

Water carefully turning off the sprayer as you move from one container to the next. 

Water directly on the soil; the leaves do not need water.  Do not use “Mist” options on nozzles.  Get the water directly to the soil!

Water until the plant/container feels heavy with water weight; it is more effective to water thoroughly once then partially several times through the day.

Water in the evening; this will avoid evaporation and will help your plant be at its best during the heat of the next day

Use any extra water you have (dehumidifier, light dishwashing water, kiddie pool water) to water plants or flower beds

On days of intense heat, move container plants to a shady spot to give them a break from the high UV. Cluster several small pots under a market umbrella or a tree. This works especially well if going away for a weekend; plants on the ground (not hanging) clustered together in a partial sun location will dry out at a slower rate.

Water flower beds thoroughly and then mulch well (if not already done so) We are sold out of bags of mulch, we can recommend places to purchase mulch, if you wish.

Use soaker hoses for flower beds and especially for new perennial or shrub plantings


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