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We love pots and containers of all sorts!

We offer a wide selection, focusing on ones that YOU can move easily!  Not too many pots are super-heavy with most of the composition being plastic, fibreglass or variations of both.

We suggest BIG pots because large pots hold lots of soil and soil holds moisture.  A problem most people have is a pot drying out too quickly, thus stressing the plants and causing inferior growth.  Our mantra is `go as big as your space and budget can allow`!

Plastic Pots – many of our plastic pots have double walls of plastic – interior and exterior.  The buffer of air between the two allow the roots of the plants to stay cool in the summer.  Other pots are single walled options and are chosen because they are very stylish and affordable.  Plastic Pots have come a LOOONNG way and look great!

Colourful Pots – for Canada`s celebration, we have many pots in RED.  The other colour we offer many choices in is LIME GREEN – it`s such a fresh and popular choice.

Wicker Weave – matching your patio furniture these black or brown options are modern and on-trend.  Most have an insert to plant which makes it easy to pot up (or bring in for a custom planting) and clean up.

Willow and Grapevine – We have a small selection of bent willow planters and stands from a man who makes them in Fenelon Falls.


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