Classic Blue is the Hue – Sat. April 04, 2:00 p.m.

Saturday April 04, 2:00 p.m.

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Classic Blue is the Hue, $30.00 – 65.00 (no further reduction of this workshop, it is valued priced)

To salute the “Colour of the Year” and welcome April, we are offering a workshop with plenty of pails!  Using antique-looking blue metal “grain pails” in three sizes, participants will choose one (or more, lots will be available) from three sizes:  small, medium and large.  Into the pail will be planted primula, pre-sprouted Spring bulbs, cold-tolerant ivy and pansies.  Arrangements can sit outdoors (and brought in if weather deeps deeply below freezing) or be in a sunny window in the house.

All materials included for each pail size:  Small (10″ round)  $30.00, Medium (11″ round)  $45.00, Large (12″ round)  $60.00.  Number of plants used in each size will vary; don’t worry, all sizes will be full and lush!

NOTE:  The colour of the pails will be a antique blue, not the colour shown here in the photo.