Bulbs and Seeds

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Spring Bulbs – In September and early October we offer a lovely selection of Spring flowering bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, muscari and scillia.  These bulbs must be planted in the Fall for Spring bloom. Purple fuzzy headed alliums are always a hit and they too DO need to be planted in the Fall for Spring bloom.  Our friendly staff can suggest companion plants for your bulbs and ways to keep the squirrels from your bounty.

Spring Bulbs – In March and April we also offer pre-sprouted Spring bulbs, just in case you didn’t get yours planted in the Fall.  The selections is limited, but the small pots of these beautiful bulbs are great for small garden projects or to create a planter for Spring bloom.

Summer Bulbs – Aside from specialty Dahlia bulbs, we do not carry a selection of Summer Bulbs (such as glads, crocosmia, etc) for you to plant.  We do sell pots of pre-grown plants that originate from bulbs:  Canna Lilies,  Elephant Ears, a wider selection of Dahlias, etc.


Seeds – From March – July we offer a quality seed selection from Burpee Seeds.  Our rack focuses mainly on herbs, vegetables and annuals that sow easily in the ground, such as sunflowers, morning glories etc.

Please note that we do not offer a Turf Program and therefore do not offer grass seed for sale.


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