Bagged Soils and Fertilizers

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We don`t carry many choices, but what we do carry is THE BEST!  From Quebec, FAFARD Soil Products are responsibly harvested, true-to-description, sterilized and well priced.


Veranda Mix – perfect for container gardening.  With a bit of a fertilizer charge and wetting agent, this soil in your hanging baskets, patio pots and window boxes will provide a hospitable environment for your annuals.  Similar to the soil the plants are currently growing in, there will not be much `transplant shock`using this product.  We sell Veranda Mix in 30L bags and 2.2 cu.ft compressed bales.

Triple Mix or 3-in-1 Soil – great for flower beds or mixing in with Vernada Mix for a heartier soil recipe (for increased water retention, if needed).  Peat Moss, TopSoil and Manure are sterilized to eliminate weeds in this mix.  We sell 30L bags only; no bulk soil at our location.

Black Earth – best for re-seeding lawn areas or adding bulk to existing flower beds that do not require additional nutrient.  30L bags only; no bulk soil at our location.

Manure – a mixture of well-aged sheep and cow manure give an odour-free, nutrient rich soil additive.  Supplement soil that requires nutrient; mix in well.  30L bags only

Sea Soil – our BEST SELLER!  We call it jet fuel for your garden!  Dark, rich in colour and FULL of nutrient derived from sea weed and shrimp shells, this soil additive provides health and vigour to all that is planted in it.  This is a soil amendment and not a soil to use `straight up`; be sure to add it in to other appropriate soils.  For example, add 4-5 handfuls of it to the Veranda Mix in a 16 inch planter, top dress your perennial garden with an inch of it throughout or mix  two – three shovel fulls of it to the hole when planting a flowering shrub.  A little goes a long way!  30L bags only.

Urban Mix – our only certified organic soil mix.  Perfect for veggie and herb  gardening or when having an organic mix matters to you most.  30L bags only

Natural Cedar Mulch – no coloured mulches here, just natural copper-coloured cedar mulch in shredded form.  Great for water retention and weed suppression.  56L bag


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