Beautiful Blooms

In our cold frame greenhouse we grow a hardy selection of perennials that are appropriate for our zone, zone 5. Ann and her staff source out hundreds of traditional varieties such as cone flower, rudbeckia, hosta, lilies, grasses, heuchera, phlox, and dianthus. Added to this traditional mix of perennials, all planted in one or two gallon pots for optimum root development, are the hottest new perennials varieties: Big Sky Cone Flowers™, Luna Hibiscus™, Proven Winners™ selections, and Broadway Lights Leucanthmum™, just to name a few.

Our vine selection includes Virginia Creeper, Golden Hops, Honeysuckle, Climbing Hydrangea and many varieties of Clematis. All of our vines are vigorous, healthy plants grown in one gallon pots. Our selection of Clematis varies throughout the season and we encourage you to put in a special request or check with us often for new varieties. You will find our perennial and vine selections exciting. As Peterborough’s Unique Garden Centre Destination, we are your first choice for consistently high quality plant material.

Great Garden Accents

In our renovated “Barn Store” we offer a unique product mix geared to outdoor garden décor. Recently we have introduced a series of colourful flags and hardware plus a selection of “fairy garden” décor! We also stock a large range of wall décor in iron, tin and decorative wood. The barn is bursting with unique items that are often one-of-a-kind. Our garden centre is a great location to find a gift or personal purchase that is decidedly different.

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