At Griffin’s we grow 80% of the annuals we offer for sale. We offer a wide variety of choices in a variety of pot sizes. Our most popular annuals are specialty annuals grown in either four or six inch pots. These consist of hundreds of varieties including bacopa, verbena, torenia, nemesia, scaevola, coleus, begonias, sunpatiens and many others. We strive to include both the newest varieties and the tried and true favourites in an effort to please all clients who appreciate our dedication to quality.

Our display greenhouse is dedicated to Container Gardening offering a full selection of choice and colours.

Sample Patio Planters, Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes sit nearby and our friendly staff are always on hand to offer planting or design advice. In our outdoor sales areas, marigolds, petunias, salvia, begonias, portulacca and many additional varieties are available by the box or tray for mass planting. From pansies in early spring to fall garden mums, we strive to offer unique selections for your four season gardening needs.

Plan to use annuals from Griffin’s Greenhouses to create flower beds and containers that will make your neighbours envious…we can help!

Great Garden Accents

In our renovated “Barn Store” we offer a unique product mix geared to outdoor garden décor. Recently we have introduced a series of colourful flags and hardware plus a selection of “fairy garden” décor! We also stock a large range of wall décor in iron, tin and decorative wood. The barn is bursting with unique items that are often one-of-a-kind. Our garden centre is a great location to find a gift or personal purchase that is decidedly different.

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