Our Staff

Ann and Jack, along with daughter Vikki and son Kyle, are the family unit at the helm of Griffin’s Greenhouses.

Ann grew up in the garden centre business (her father operated Parkhill Nurseries in the 60’s and 70’s) and Jack has a background in sales – it was a perfect family fit!

Vikki worked as a Secondary School English teacher for eight years in Belleville before returning to Peterborough to become General Manager of the family business.  She often leads workshops and seminars on site – a throwback to her “teaching years” and something she loves to do.

Kyle has a background in photojournalism; he worked locally and in British Columbia at prominent newspapers.  He has won many provincial and national awards for his photography – a helpful skill (design and proportion) when designing planters !

Grandchildren Ben (17), Olivia (14), Jakob (13) and Mitch (11) all help out during busy times – a true family business!

Debbie Hawkins (pictured, right) has been part of the Griffin’s team since 2008.  Originally from Bancroft, now living in rural Lakefield, she spends her free time camping, canoeing, fishing and entertaining.  She is a great companion to many area seniors and helps them with their day to day chores and personal care.  Debbie is responsible for our Custom Order Program and does a great job!  Along with her favourite jobs of Spring and Custom Planting, she enjoys “keeping everyone on edge” – usually with her practical jokes and hi-jinks!

Her favourite annuals are torenia, dragon wing begonias and strepticarpella and in perennials she loves “Limelight” hydrangea and peonies.  Her personal style of garden is Country Charm, so she uses lot of perennials, flowering bushes and trees all to encourage birds to the garden she shares with her husband and now, all-grown-up sons.

Christine Freeburn joined the Griffin’s team in 2014 upon her retirement from managing a local Book Store.  An avid gardener, member of the Peterborough Horticultural Society and a Master Gardener, Chris has a passion for gardening.

She enjoys all the different aspects of work here at Griffin’s, from planting seedlings, designing pots, receiving product, setting up and arranging plant and gift displays, maintaining plants and helping customers make wise plant choices and leave with a smile on their faces.

She is a specimen gardener, she wants to have one of everything she loves: hosta, clematis, heuchera, and so many more perennials! She is now working on increasing her flowering shrub assortment and growing vegetables and berries.

She admits her husband gets nervous when she come home from work and pops open her trunk!


Judy Carswell joined our staff in 2013; originally from Lakefield, now living in Buckhorn, she spends a lot of her “down time” cooking, entertaining and reading.  Her favourite task is meeting and talking with customers.  She even admits to liking deadheading!  She is not fond of un-tangling trailing petunias.

Judy used Dragon Wing Begonias in her pots last year for the first time and fell in love.  She says they are “BIG bang for your buck”!  She also likes secretsea and Diamond Frost.  Her favourite perennials are peonies, ferns, heuchera and hostas.  She admits she’d never plant roses.  Apologizing to her rose-loving co-workers, she explains, …”my parents were very accomplished rose growers and won many Horticultural awards.  So it’s a mix of emotion and a absolute fear of failure that I steer clear.  However, I do admire them from a distance.”

Toni Lapointe is orginally from Unionville and now resides in Lakehurst.  She has been one of the “Griffin’s Girls” since 2011.  When not diligently working in our greenhouses or store (she loves to streamline and tidy up), she is active with the Peterborough Horticultural Society and enjoys Interior Design and Antique Hunting.

Her favourite task is assisting customers with their plant choices and getting her “hands dirty” – although she is not a fan of getting her hands dirty while dead-heading petunias. Her favourite annuals for herself or to recommend are Dragon Wing Begonias and Coleus; her favourite perennial is Limelight Hydrangea because they are “just so pretty!”  She’d never again plant Yarrow.  She claims, I “tried it once, (it) took over my garden and I spent days ripping it out”.  Her garden is “just a nice garden full of perennials that bloom Spring to Fall.

Grace Mahoney joined us in 2010 and is a humourous, creative and fun-loving member of our team!  Originally from Bowmanville she now resides with her family in the Fife’s Bay community.  She comments that “the best part of working at Griffin’s is being part of a team who are so knowledgeable, helpful and fun”.

At work her favourite task is planting and keeping the plants looking fresh and her least favourite task is “moving day” – taking plants and hanging baskets to the cold frame (she’s not alone on that one)!

She claims to have taken a “Better Homes and Gardens” Quiz that concluded that her garden style is “Cottage Garden”.  That does make sense considering her favourite plants are coneflowers and beebalm (perennial) and all the “supereasy” varieties of coleus (annual).

When Grace is not in the garden she is in her studio creating and teaching art.

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